Rex D. A. B

Senior Research Fellow

Rex D. A. B studied Biochemistry at both under- and post-graduate level from Madurai Kamaraj University and Bharathidasan University respectively. He did a commendable cardiovascular research during his M.Phil dissertation at Bharathiar University. His research interests include Molecular Parasitology, proteomics, and signaling pathways. His technical expertise includes transfection of malarial parasite cell lines like 3D7, D10, NF54 Line E, and gene editing techniques such as CRISPR- Cas 9, Aptamers, and glms (ribozyme). He is an avid Reviewer in International Journal of Cardiology and Journal of Ethnopharmacology – Elsevier. He is currently working in Mass spectrometry-based proteomics and signaling pathways.

Email: rexprem@yenepoya.edu.in